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Practical 29L model.

Suitable for carrying a mid-size laptop, school bag or a full-face helmet.


Stylish 28L model.

Italian-style top case that looks great on any scooter and can fit most of your daily luggage or a full-face helmet



top case 888


Our top-notch 35L top case that can accomodate a large laptop, daily grocery or a couple of medium helmets.




These are just few of our client's motorcycles...


A reliable motorcycle luggage is essential, both for your daily commuting and during a trip. Weather-resistant and equipped with a lock top cases, offer one of the most convenient ways to carry your belongings. Whether it is your child’s backpack when you bring it to school in the morning, grocery when you bear them in the evening or maybe laptop when you go to the office – you can be assured that none of it will be lost, stolen or get wet during the rain.

Cambodia has one of the highest number of motorcycles in the world but unlike more developed countries a top case (known also as a tail box, top box, hard case or just moto box) is an extremely rare accessory here. We at 086BOXBOX like to ride with comfort and want to bring this useful item to Cambodia.

At the end top case is just trendy and fashionable ;-)

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scooter with tail box or top box


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